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Live Radio on the Internet with links to thousands of radio stations broadcasting on the Internet from over 100 countries worldwide!

"I love sports. Whenever I can, I always watch the Detroit Tigers on the radio."
Gerald R. Ford

Now and again things don't go quite according to plan on-air, and some things which shouldn't, end up being broadcast. Here's a small collection of some of those moments when there was a hiccup!

Some of these clips contain words which some may find offensive, so if you are easily offended please do NOT listen to these clips!

Ocean FM (Ireland) - Senator Susan O'Keefe makes a double entendre (June 2014)

ABC National News (Australia) - The newsreader isn't sure of the name of the President of the US...Bin Laden or Obama. (04.05.14)

LBC 97.3, London, UK - Newsreader Zora Suleman sounds like she's not going to make it to the end of the bulletin...and even in this shortened version she still makes a mistake - I haven't yet heard her not make a mistake in a bulletin (02.08.13)

BBC Radio Stoke, UK - Presenter Paula White presents her last show whilst [sounding] drunk. After about half-an-hour her colleague Denholm Siergetz takes over, saying: "Paula's not feeling quite well, so with it being her last afternoon show, so she's...she's gone home..." (10.05.13)

BBC Radio 5 Live, UK - Presenters Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden anger some listeners by implying that Salford (5 Live's new outside London home) isn't safe. Burden was interviewing Olympic cycling hopeful Laura Trott, who had just won two gold medals at the Track Cycling World Championships in Melbourne, but when Campbell asked if she had brought her medals into the studio with her she replied that she had left them in her car. Burden then says "You've left them in your car? Around here?" with Campbell shouting "And you parked it HERE?!"over her. (11.04.12)

BBC Radio 5 Live, UK - Meat Loaf gets a little upset after presenter Victoria Derbyshire suspects that he may have sworn on air, making her sound like an idiot. (27.02.12)

TalkSport, UK - Presenter Matt Forde has a call from a ranting listener named Jonathan, in Swansea (13.09.11)

BBC Radio 5 Live, UK - Stephen Nolan & Co not ready when the news ends early (20.11.10)

BBC Radio 2, UK - newsreader tries to hold back the laughter when reading an item about a rocket launched from the backside....

Wish FM, UK - Very embarassing and awkward handover (30.11.09)

BBC Radio 1, UK - Colin Murray makes comment which could be mis-understood (20.10.09)

BBC Radio 4, UK - Oh no it's the news!

Century FM, UK - Kylie Minogue is not impressed with her interviewer! (18.06.09)

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