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Live-Radio.net with links to thousands of radio stations broadcasting on the Internet from over 100 countries worldwide! - Essential Information! - 4k gif

“Radio is a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, and yet remain lonesome”
T.S. Eliot

This is Live-Radio.net, your one-stop website for listening to live radio stations from around the world!

Here you'll find links to THOUSANDS of online radio stations worldwide, all of which, with free software, you will be able to hear through your computer. This is GREAT if you are living away from home and want to listen to news from your country, or maybe even your home town radio station which may be online. Or perhaps you might have been a DX-er and your favourite station is no longer available on MW/SW - many of the old shortwave broadcasters have closed in recent years and some are now available online instead.

The stations we list on our website are proper radio stations, i.e. stations which can be heard on a normal radio - our definition of a radio station is a station which actually uses radio waves to transmit its programming, and which can be heard...on a normal radio. Generally we don't list internet-only stations as most are no more than a computer and a music playlist, often playing from a bedroom in someone's house.

We rely on users of this website and the stations themselves to keep us up-to-date with changes to stations which we have listed, or to tell us about stations which have started streaming online which we do not yet know about. Please see the links in the sidebar on the left for "Add a Station" or "Amend a Station" if you wish to give us station information.

This site is used by many stations, including the BBC World Service and the BBC Monitoring Service - it is also mentioned in BBC training documents for their journalists.

If you are browsing the various countries, please be aware that these are arranged geographically. For example, the Canary Islands (Spanish) are listed in the African section, as they are located in close proximity to Africa.

Connections can be a bit slow or erratic (depending on network traffic), and may not always work (the audio server may be offline or serving the maximum number of connections). A link which is down may return minutes, days or weeks later. Some countries which are particularly unreliable are Brazil, Russia, Poland and Thailand, amongst others.

Stations which no longer work are removed (within a few weeks so as to allow the station(s) time to restore their audio).

Because of laws in the USA (DMCA), some USA stations may have periods of silence in their programming where news or commercials would normally be. If the counter on your player continues, and you have silence, this is probably what is happening.

Unfortunately because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, you will find some links that don't work, but we strive to keep these to a minimum, and even daily checking cannot guarantee that all links will work all of the time.

Check the Help/FAQ link for further information.

PLEASE NOTE that we are not connected in any way with any radio station! If an audio link is of poor quality, you should contact the station concerned and let them know. Also, if you hear something which offends you, again, please contact the station concerned - we do not have any contact details for any station.

If you are a member of, or represent a band or artist trying to obtain airplay, please do not send us cds/mp3s as we cannot assist with this. Contact the radio stations directly. Similarly, please do not send song/dedication requests to us - contact the station(s) direct. We are not a radio station!

Links are fully checked regularly, and any found to be not working will be deleted after about 4 weeks (this allows the station time to rectify the problem). If you know of any stations which are not listed on this site, please fill-in this form (it will take less than 1 minute).  Any non-working links should be primarily reported to the relevant station, but you can also tell me, specifying the details.

We rely upon advertising to keep the site online - it takes a huge amount of time and effort to keep the site updated, and hosting isn't free of charge. We hope you understand this, as we want to keep the site free for everyone.

Please note that we are not responsible for the content of external sites.

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