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Live Radio on the Internet has been online since August 1997. Since then, it's user base has grown considerably, and the site has been featured and mentioned in many places, including the following, which are only the ones we know about...

  • It appeared in "Internet 98", an annual American Internet magazine (Harris Publications Inc. New York) in February 1998, and they said "...go to the Worldwide Live Radio on the Internet website. Some of our favorite Internet radio stations are accessible there. Just click on an appropriate link on the worldwide Live Site and you will reach any of the stations on the list".

  • "Internet Magazine Online" featured it on their site as "Site of the Day" on 3rd June 1998, "This site brings you one-click access to radio stations from more than 90 countries around the world and is potentially the biggest resource for radio fans on the Net....these stations all have "direct" audio links from the site thanks to streaming technology. Well worth a visit and probably a bookmark to boot!" In addition was the first site to be examined in their series "How I Built....".

    It is also currently listed on their website, where they say " As more and more stations come on line, you need a regularly updated listing site with direct links. They donít come much smarter than this one".

  • Was seen worldwide on "BBC News 24" and "BBC Worldwide" television in 1998.

  • "The Times" of London featured it in an article in their issue of 10th October 1998. "...For a truly international outing, head to the site of Live Radio On the Internet...".

  • The site was discussed in a feature on "Radio Pingvin" (Belgrade, Yugoslavia) on 13 November 1998.

  • Is listed in the new edition of "The Internet - The Rough Guide" (Penguin Books, 1999).

  • Was mentioned in "Broadcast Dialogue Magazine" (March 1999, Christensen Communications Ltd. Toronto).

  • Was mentioned in "Cityview" on 7th April 1999 (Business Publications Corporation, Des Moines, Iowa). "Several on-line radio sites serves as filters, categorizing Internet stations by location or music genre. Such is the case with this website, run by Brian Buckley, a charming bloke in London. His site now has links to more than 2,000 stations and receives over half a million hits a month...."

  • "PC Magazine" said "...Live Radio on the Internet offers an extensive list, organized by region, of radio stations that broadcast online"  (November 3, 1999).

  • Was mentioned on "Playboy" magazine's website.

  • Is in the Special Millenium Issue of "Netguide New Zealand".

  • Has been seen on ZDTV.

  • Was voted as the top site in it's category (News/Media: Radio) by users and the Panel of "" for February, March and April 2000.

  • Was "Netsite of the week" (1st March 2000) on DFNet - "Live Radio Net points you in the right direction for news, music and gags live from France, the US, Hungary, and wherever you fancy really. The advice and information on how to use the site and what software you'll need to hear the broadcasts is very clear and will get you plugged in in no time at all..."

  • Has been seen in the UK's biggest Internet magazine ".net Magazine" (Future Publishing) in March 1999, "...if you're abroad and want news from back home, you'll easily find a UK station with a main news bulletin...".

  • Has been seen in "the net" Internet magazine (Haymarket Magazines) in the August 2000 issue "Eminently usable...".

  • Was seen in "The Express" (National UK newspaper) on 18th July 2000 "...if you want to explore the wide world of radio, then you will be better off visiting an Internet radio directory -".

  • Was awarded a 'Cool Site' Award by "Netscape" on 1st August 2000 - "Good links to Internet radio. Lots of good small-town picks, and some truly obscure international stations".

  • Is included in the Guardian newspaper's "The 100 most useful sites - Cream of the crop" - December 2004

  • As I'm writing this week's column I'm listening to the air traffic control conversations between officers at London Air Traffic Control Centre and pilots approaching Heathrow and Gatwick airports. It's coming to me live by internet radio and makes curiously compelling listening....If you're interested in tuning in, visit the Live Radio site and follow the links.
    Helen Bradley, The Sydney Morning Herald (17.09.05)

  • Live Radio on the Internet is at and features thousands of stations. I am rarely disappointed by what I hear via here and there are amusing asides too....
    Chris Brand, Radio User magazine, December 2006.

  • Is mentioned in "The Radio Station" (2007, Michael C Keith, Published by Focal Press)

  • Is again included in the Guardian newspaper's "The new 100 most useful sites" - December 2006

    In addition, many broadcasters link to this site as do many high-profile websites, including ZD Net and Intel's Web Outfitter service and there are now more than 2000 websites around the world also linking to In fact, there are more websites linking to this site than there are linking to the BBC, NBC and ABC!

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