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Live Radio on the Internet with links to thousands of radio stations broadcasting on the Internet from over 100 countries worldwide!

"Rodgers and Hammerstein didn't mean anything to me. I just wanted to have a hit, I just wanted to be like those people on the radio."
Art Garfunkel

Q: What is a QSL card?

A: Well, a QSL card is an official verification (confirmation) from a radio station that you have heard it. The term "QSL" is one of many "Q Codes" which were introduced in the early 1900's by the British government - these Q Codes were simply abbreviations, QSL meaning "I acknowledge receipt".

To get a QSL card you would normally send the station a "Reception Report", which is a report containing details of what you heard, for example, the date and time of the broadcast, the frequency you heard the station on, a summary of the content and a rating of their signal, i.e. signal strength, interference, noise, propagation disturbance (fading) and an overall rating.

In return for this information (which is useful to the station engineers) the station would issue a QSL card. MANY stations issued QSLs and a lot still do so, but most operate on shortwave.

Below are some of the QSL cards which I've received over my years of listening to radio from all over the world. I hope you enjoy them and perhaps they might stir some old memories in some of you!

Adventist World Radio (Portugal) 1975.jpg
Adventist World Radio (Portugal) 1975
AFRTS 1979.jpg
AFRTS 1979
All India Radio 1975.jpg
All India Radio 1975
Austrian Radio 1976.jpg
Austrian Radio 1976
BBC Radio Blackburn (UK) 1978.jpg
BBC Radio Blackburn (UK) 1978
BBC Radio Cleveland (UK) 1978.jpg
BBC Radio Cleveland (UK) 1978
BBC Radio Cornwall (UK) 1986.jpg
BBC Radio Cornwall (UK) 1986
BBC Radio Devon (UK) 1986.jpg
BBC Radio Devon (UK) 1986
BBC Radio Leeds (UK) 1978.jpg
BBC Radio Leeds (UK) 1978
BBC Radio Leicester (UK) 1978.jpg
BBC Radio Leicester (UK) 1978
BBC Radio Solent (UK) 1978.jpg
BBC Radio Solent (UK) 1978
Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1978.jpg
Broadcasting Service of the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1978
Capital Radio (UK) 1978.jpg
Capital Radio (UK) 1978
CJCH 1980.jpg
CJCH 1980
Countysound (UK) 1985.jpg
Countysound (UK) 1985
Deutsche Welle 1975.jpg
Deutsche Welle 1975
Downtown Radio 1978.jpg
Downtown Radio (UK) 1978
ELWA 1978.jpg
ELWA 1978
FEBA 1978.jpg
FEBA 1978
FEBC Philippines 1977.jpg
FEBC Philippines 1977
Israel Radio 1975.jpg
Israel Radio 1975
KTWR 1978.jpg
KTWR 1978
KYOI (Saipan) 1985.jpg
KYOI (Saipan) 1985
Manx Radio 1978.jpg
Manx Radio 1978
Northsound (UK) 1985.jpg
Northsound (UK) 1985
Pennine Radio (UK) 1978.jpg
Pennine Radio (UK) 1978
Polish Radio 1978.jpg
Polish Radio 1978
Radio Afghanistan 1975.jpg
Radio Afghanistan 1975

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